Teacher Blogs - A collection of blogs dealing with Issues in Public  Education & Reform
Teacher Blogs - a collection of blogs dealing with Issues in Public Education & Reform
Some say...it's not the busy parents, lack of health care, poverty, violence, social influence,
or the overcrowded classrooms ... it's the teacher's fault students don't learn.
The Scapegoating of teachers
By Duane Campbell

Stop Scapegoating Teachers
By Randi Weingarten

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE / Blaming the teacher
By Louis Freedberg

Where do people learn to scapegoat?
Scapegoating— An Insidious Family Pattern of Blame
and Shame on One Family Member
By Lynne Namka, Ed. D © 2003
Does Class size matter?
(from Deborah Meier's blog)

This is where
some of our
send their children to

President Obama:
Sidwell Friends
(average class size: 15).

Arne Duncan
(US Secretary of Ed), University of
Chicago Laboratory School
(average class size 19)

Michael Bloomberg
(Mayor, NYC):
(average class size: 16-18)

Joel Klein
(Chancellor, NYC Dept. of Ed,): Miss
(average class size: 11)

Photo Anagnostopoulos
(COO of NYC Education Department):
(average class size: 15)
Public School Class Size:
Debbi J. Needham, WA, 2010: "Sitting in my classroom in November were 26 students in 4th & 5th grades.
Now I teach 25 students daily. The teacher next door to me teaches 27 students in 5th & 6th grades daily."
Reading & Math scores Rise
When class size is reduced to 15 to 20 students!

Our own USA Government suggests less than 20 students per teacher!
REDUCING CLASS SIZE - US Department of Education

Class Size - National Educator's Association