OFR Dwarf Rat Photos by Debbi J. Needham
LLR Goober, a black dwarf male, also
travelled up the coast with us from San
Francisco, CA. He was named because
of his non-stop theatrics in his cage.

Here he is pictured next to
Doc, who is
close to the same age. Doc is a regular
sized Dumbo Siamese rat that carries
tailless from Tina Sharoody in SF, CA..
(His new coat is molting in, you can see
a spot of darker baby fur on his forehead).

LLR Goober was born on 3-27-04 to LRR
Koda and LRR Kim Chee.
Standard/Dwarf Size Comparison!
Angel, smaller rat, is chubby in this picture, right,
but much smaller than PsR Blazing Hot, a mock
mink standard sized male.
OFR Caramel is a fluffy
Siamese. His sister is OFR
Betty Davis and  OFR Tea
Biscuit, Himalayan Harley-
Coated. They are some of my
favorite fellows!
OFR Sprite, left, is the son of OFR Tea
Biscuit. He won Reserve Best in Show,
Self, at RatspacNW in March 2005.
In June 2005, his cousin, owned by Ashli
Roy, won Best in Show at the Boise,
Idaho RatsPacNW rat show.
OFR Tea Biscuit was the first
Harley-coated, long haired,
dwarf rat in the world.
OFR Tyndell is a Dumbo-eared, mink, Berkshire
marked, dwarf rat. He is the son of Professor
Dumbodwarf, a dumbo Himalayan Rat and
SPAR Sweetie, a standard sized black and
white rat, who carried the recessive dwarf gene.
by Debbi J Needham
2010 Repost - Original Post 2004 - No Animals Available

Spike and Angel, Laboratory Dwarf Rats
Brought to OFR in the Northwest by Connie Perez, May 2004
These guys are the grandfathers of the Northwest dwarf lines (and most likely) all of
the domesticated fancy rat hobby dwarf rat lines in the USA.
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